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Awesomeness of The day
Give We The People Revolution one piece of awesomeness for the day. They will be posting at random some of our awesomeness to their Twitter, facistbook, pintrerest, stumbleupon, Google+, and anything else. This is to help bring more people here. They won't use our names unless we say they can. What ...
46 members
APIIINation Shop
This group is a place to purchase American Patriot The III% merchandise. Official patches, decals, and apparel. We also have basic preparedness patriot products as well.  Contact us here or email info@apiiination.com if you have questions, comments, or concerns. APIIINation.com
43 members
American Patriot The III% People's Republic
Welcome to the new home for APIIINation, its podcast, and the coalition of American Patriot States. Stay tuned for new updates and thank you for following. Our Mission: It is the mission of American Patriot the III% to bring together and unite Americans from all walks of life who believe in...
37 members
Second amendment support group
This is a group for all things second amendment.
21 members
Patriotic Motorcycle Riders
Great way to find out what is happening with bikers around the country. Please add anything that would pertain to this. I myself am a Patriot Guard Rider for Louisiana and any other state that rides for our brothers and sister who signed that line.  
16 members
Patriot Puppy Fan Group
This is in official fan group for Patriot Puppy of APIII APIIINation
15 members
Pet Palace
For the pet lovers among us. Post about your furry children.
11 members
American Patriot the III% Michigan Public
Welcome to the Michigan chapter of American Patriot the III% This group is the public group for friends of APIII Michigan and new members to be vetted for our primary group. To help with our vetting process, please participate in our state roll call with your zone and let us know you want to be con...
11 members
APIII New Mexico Public
Public page for New Mexico. Facebook Page CO:  Robert Whitmon XO: Don Hewatt RC XO: Rusty McConnell Secretary: Martina Bri Sly Recruitment Officer: Jeriel Bernido Sergeant at Arms: Alan Vanderwagen Security Officer: Jeremias Gonzales
10 members
Nerdiness Fuck Yeah
Do you like science, science fiction, or just kick ass stuff that may or may not have got up picked on growing up... This group is for you. NERDS ASSEMBLE!!!!
9 members
The Online Flea Market
Buy, sell, or trade.
9 members
Missouri III% group
The Missouri III% group embodies the same beliefs as most Patriot groups and look forward to moving forward and restoring our Constitution and Bill of Rights as intended by our framers
9 members
Life Hacks
Simple tricks and tips to make every day life and projects that much easier; Saving you time and money. 
9 members
APIII% PA CHAPTER  https://www.facebook.com/groups/638286022947080/
9 members
Great Lakes Backpacking and Hiking
Post your adventures on the trails along with pictures and tips.
8 members
Here at Ohio APIII we are for the people, we are here to stand up for the individual rights and liberties of the people granted to the citizens of our great republic.  We are a community response team setup to help our communities. 
8 members
Meme Wars
Give me your best memes
7 members
Personal Liberty Every Day
Tell us one thing that you strive for in the name of freedom everyday
6 members
Anyone can cook! Share your recipes, tips, and pictures!
6 members
The Nutnfancy Project Fans
The Owl is on the shed
6 members

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