Terms of Service and Use

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Terms of Service and Use:

Joining wtprevolution.com signifies that you have read these terms and agree to follow these terms of service and use and have read and understand our privacy policy.

Rules of Conduct
Wtprevolution.com will also be referred to as "We the People", "We the People Revolution", or "WTP Revolution". We the People is run by a United States of America constitutional mindset, but as this is not a government run website; there are certain rules of conduct that will be followed.
Rules of Conduct:
- NO nudity.
- NO threats of violence.
- NO conspiring to commit an act of violence.
- Intentially causing or starting arguments any where on the website is PROHIBITED.
- Any illegal or unlawful actions or conduct defined by the government that you are a citizen of is PROHIBITED.
- Racist comments or content is PROHIBITED.
- Offensive comments or content that does not fall within prohibited guidelines may be reviewed and removed by adminstrators based on number of member complaints received.
- Violation of any of these rules may result in suspension of account and/or privileges, removal and banning of accounts and individuals, legal actions and ramifications of individuals, and/or forfeiture of and paid accounts.
- Additional rules may be added at any time by administrators, these additions will be posted here in the "Terms of Service and Use" and may be emailed and/or posted in "Admin"'s "newsfeed" and/or on the "dashboard".
To contact administrators over grievances, comments, reporting of material, or additional information, email admin@wtprevolution.com

Fees of Service
We the People basic enrollment is free of charge and gives access to most features on this website. Premium and advertising memberships will be available for a fee. These fees will allow more access and ability for advertising of services or product in additional locations on website than your personal profile feed. Fees will be used for the maintenance of wtprevolution.com website and services. For information on premium and or advertising membership enrollment please email enroll@wtprevolution.com

For any other questions regarding We the People website please email wethepeople@wtprevolution.com

We the People Revolution is a social networking division APIIINation using open source code provided from Oxwall.com for the platform.
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