Here We Go

I apologize to anyone who has set up accounts in the past on WTPRevolution, I will explain. This site (WTPRevolution) was setup originally to help American patriots get off the biased and often fascist Facebook. It was a grand plan and dream that a handful of us worked tirelessly toward. Unfortunately it ended up as I sorta figured it would, people that were used to the features that a billion dollar platform could get away with, couldn’t fathom how we couldn’t keep up. We spent quite a bit of time in limbo and depression over the massive amount of time and money we spent trying to draw people and meet their demands.

With a new year came some new revelations for me as the lead administrator for WTPRevolution; the revolution is not a newly branded same old thing for people to move their social life to, it is a lifestyle. I know our catch phrase is almost identical to one of my favorite podcasters and preparedness communities Jack Spirko and his The Survival Podcast, but its true. The revolution is inside each and everyone of you that want freedom and liberty, you just need to find it. To help you find liberty, you may have to learn some new skills to get you less reliant on the system. Take control of your own life.

This year some goals I have here at WTPRevolution is to spread knowledge and skills whenever possible and I encourage you to do the same with our youth, with your neighbor, with your family, and with your community. We will  have a new forum soon on the site to share your knowledge as well with anyone that will read. We will be trying a couple different email mailing lists too to share knowledge, yes its been done before, but if you can learn one new fact, skill, or tip a day or once a week; think of how much more knowledge you will have after 365 days or 52 weeks. Now you may be asking yourself, what is it that I should be doing to live with more freedom Charlie? Lets just ask ourselves what causes us to be dependent and ultimately a slave to the system. Some of the topics that I want to focus on is healthcare through herbalism, taking control of our diet through gardening and raising our own food, avoid debt (something trying to compete with billionaire giants has caused here), and enjoy life on our terms.

First thing I would like everyone reading this to do is think of how much of your time, energy, and money you put into healthcare, eating the cardboard box foods from the grocery store, and paying bills in a year. After that, think about how all the ways those three things are connected.

Once again, I am sorry for closing down the social network site that used to be here, but trying to stick it to Zuckerberg wasn’t going to bring you more freedom and he definitely wasn’t going to hurt for followers with our small numbers leaving his site.